In the months after Hurricane Irene, New Jersey’s pumpkin farms are suffering. “It has been a horrible season for pumpkins,” said Tammy Ryan, who runs Schultheis Farm in Clifton. “[This] is supposed to be a pumpkin patch, but it’s just, you know, a lot of muck.” But, when Farmer Greg Clement, who runs Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio heard that North Jersey kids might have a pumpkin-less fall he decided to take action. “We actually have a record pumpkin crop this year,” Clement said. “We want to donate some of ours over there,” he said. Clement drove over 400 miles to deliver 2,000 pumpkins to Paterson children. “I’m so grateful. It’s so kind of somebody in Ohio to think about Paterson kids,” said Ryan.“This one child who was developmentally delayed, she’d never said a word before that was appropriate and she picked up a pumpkin and she said ‘pumpkin,’” Ryan said. “To be able to give that memory or not interrupt that memory is very important,” Clement said.

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